Метка: образ

Its measurement Её измерение

While, My measurement is the first. В то время как, Мое измерение первое. Notably, Agnezhka Lorak (Agnezhka Lorek) is a photographer, stylist and artist from Poland. Примечательно, Agnezhka Lorak (Агнежка Лорек) — фотограф, стилист и художница из Польши. While, My dimension is second. В то время как, Мое измерение второе. First of all, Agnezhka herself […]

To see the beautiful Видеть прекрасное

It is noteworthy that the statement of Paulo Coelho Примечательно, высказывание Пауло Коэльо If you are able to see the beautiful, it is only because you carry the beautiful inside you. For the world is like a mirror in which everyone sees their own reflection. Of course, a picture with an insightful statement was found […]