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The Danger of fashion Опасность моды

Perhaps everyone knows that women dreamed of a thin waist and wore a corset for almost days. Возможно, всем известно, женщины мечтали о тонкой талии и носили корсет, чуть ли не сутками. As a result, internal organs suffered because of this, and blood circulation was disrupted — as a result, ladies constantly fainted, and sometimes […]

Two ancient continents Два древних континента

First of all, scientists believe that two ancient primitive continents are hiding in the bowels of the Earth. Прежде всего, ученые считают, что в недрах Земли скрывается два древних примитивных континента. While, according to their assumptions, they formed shortly after the Big Bang and survived the collision that created the Moon. В то время как, […]