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Garbage created forests Мусор создал леса

Rather, garbage created forests in the middle of swamps. Вернее, мусор создал леса посреди болот. Therefore, biologists from Canada have found that garbage left by people can sometimes increase the biological diversity of natural ecosystems, and in some cases even contribute to the formation of unique natural communities. Поэтому, биологи из Канады установили, что мусор, […]

The sleeping bird Заснувшая птичка

First of all, if you find birds on the ground surrounded by rowan berries, they did not die, but ate too many fermented berries and got drunk. Прежде всего, если вы нашли на земле птиц в окружении ягод рябины – они не умерли, а объелись забродивших ягод и опьянели. Of course, information and photography are […]

The Blue Bird of Happiness Синяя птица счастья

Rather, the blue bird of happiness — it exists! Вернее, синяя птица счастья — она существует! It is noteworthy that the Asian sparrow is found from the northwestern Himalayas east to Bhutan and in central China, and in winter the birds travel south to northern Myanmar. Примечательно, что азиатский воробей встречается от северо-западных Гималаев восточнее до Бутана и […]

Earthquake protection Защита от землетрясений

Recently, French scientists have discovered that wildlife can withstand the destructive force of earthquakes much more effectively than the human race. She has a reliable protection from this natural disaster — mangrove forests. These communities, dying off, form interesting underground pillows capable of extinguishing the most powerful vibrations of the earth’s firmament. Недавно французские ученые […]