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Насколько холодно было в ледниковый период

How cold it was during the ice Age is a question that stupefies teachers. Насколько холодно было в ледниковый период — вопрос, вводящий в ступор учителей. An international team of scientists examined samples of ancient ice and cave walls to find out what the temperature was during one of the most important historical periods of […]

Deserts of Australia Пустыни Австралии

Why are there so many deserts in Australia: it’s not just the climate? Почему в Австралии так много пустынь: дело не только в климате? If you look at the map of Australia, you can see that almost half of its territory is occupied by deserts and semi—deserts — huge lifeless territories devoid of reservoirs and […]

Denisova Cave in Altai Денисова пещера на Алтае

Rather, a 250,000-year-old tooth, which may have belonged to a Denisov man, was found in the Denisov Cave in Altai, Mikhail Shunkov, an employee of the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography (IAET) SB RAS, told reporters on October 1. Вернее, зуб возрастом 250 тысяч лет, который возможно принадлежал денисовскому человеку, нашли на Алтай в Денисовой […]